Day 3: CARS! ....... from the Archive, for the Future!

I'm still not even sure how I got away with it..... a tiny young woman with a camera hanging around piles of wrecked cars 20 or 30 feet high. No one seemed to notice or care. I had pulled up in the parking area, in my own lovely hand-me-down boat of a car, a maroon 1984 Chevrolet Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, which was almost as old as I was. Both these images were taken that day, the Florida sun beating down as I weaved in and among the piles of rusty scratched and smashed metal. Like construction sites, I still take mental notes of impound lots I pass on highways. Maybe for fun I'll hit one up again. Maybe these are strange ways to pass the time. Maybe if I make it through the gates, no one will notice yet again... crossing fingers.

Well, that's Day 3. Was the rusted metal as bizarrely thrilling for you as it was for me?
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Purchasing Info
Each print is priced at $85.00.
Or $150 for both. 
(Yes, this is much less than I would price any piece for a gallery.) 
(Yes, this is a sale of sorts) 
I bet they'll look a lot nicer on your walls than in my storage boxes  
Each piece is archival matted and fits an 11"x14" frame.
Also, for those who care, these are the last in editions of approximately 2 - 4.  

To claim a photo, please email me.  :)