Day 4: Out of Context..... from the Archive, for the Future.


I sort of don't want to explain the story behind these images......


There is something about the mystery enabled by the viewfinder that I often wish to retain. Some of my newest images are so cropped, so abstracted, so close, that the details of the spaces photographed are completely erased. I think I latched onto photography so quickly because of this potential for creating mystery.

I'm calling this pairing "out of context" because I believe these image have a power or intrigue created by their lack of context. Perhaps if you really knew what the whole scene looked like, the feeling from these images would shift, would perhaps diminish, would perhaps transform into something else... more sad, more silly, more mundane.

Image 1 was made in the Hill Country of Texas, (an incredible place to hike and photograph!) in 2003. 

Image 2 was made in 1999 (wow!) in Central Florida. 

thank you again for reading and looking. Purchase info below.
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Purchasing Info
Each print is priced at $85.00.
Or $150 for both. 
(Yes, this is much less than I would price any piece for a gallery.) 
(Yes, this is a sale of sorts) 
I bet they'll look a lot nicer on your walls than in my storage boxes  
Each piece is archival matted and fits an 11"x14" frame.
Also, for those who care, these are the last in editions of approximately 2 - 4.  

To claim a photo, please email me.