Day 5: Portals (and a boy) ......... from the Archive, for the Future!


Someone remarked to me in a recent studio visit that I was making portals. I think this is very true. I am drawn to entrances and exits, inner walls and outer walls and paths through, inside, and around structures. If I could create a piece that actually feels a little like teleportation (for better or for worse) I would be tickled indeed...


Image 1: Another Sunday wandering around a construction site in Dallas, TX


Image 2: An old housing structure in New Mexico, 2002.


On a whim, and because it fits the theme of portals in a slightly different way, I have included an additional print for this last day of the sale. It is rare for me to take photos of people, but this one was too fun to pass up.....


Image 3 : In New Mexico, also 2002, this little boy and I played a bit of peekaboo with the half-wall surrounding this church.

I hope you have enjoyed this dip into my archive. Today concludes the 5-day mini fundraiser.
Thank you for letting me share these with you. 
Many, but not all, of the prints from the past 4 days have been purchased, if there is a print from previous days you are interested in, please ask. Purchase information below.

All my best,

PS- if you are curious how my travels go, I will be posting images to my instagram account
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Purchasing Info
Each print is priced at $85.00.
Or $150 for a pair. 
(Yes, this is much less than I would price any piece for a gallery.) 
(Yes, this is a sale of sorts) 
I bet they'll look a lot nicer on your walls than in my storage boxes  
Each piece is archival matted and fits an 11"x14" frame.
Also, for those who care, these are the last in editions of approximately 2 - 4.  

To claim a photo, please email me.