Day 2: Uncanny Spaces

Day 2: Uncanny Spaces ...... From the Archive, For the Future!

Image 1:
This is probably the oldest image from these selections that you will see. I can barely remember the location, or why I was there, but in summer 2001 I wandered around an empty parking lot in Central Florida (I think it might have been in on the "Old Tampa Highway near Intersession City- why on earth was I in Intersession City?) Maybe I stopped because of the container I saw in the lot. I didn't photograph the whole structure, but I remember it to be a kind of shipping container, like those that people now turn into homes. Vines were growing on and around it and the rust formed these mysterious openings that suggested one might be able to peek inside. 

Image 2:
On a long weekend in Dallas in October of 2001 some classmates and I decided to take a trip to Austin. I think about 9 or 10 of us  crammed into 2 cars for the 4 hour trip.  Though it looks like a warehouse space his image was actually taken in a coffee shop which looked rather designer chic everywhere else. I walked up the stairs to a lofted sitting area and there on my right was this strange opening in the wall. In an extra room that looked like it  fell from another time and space was this couch with random materials around it. If you look closely you can see theres writing on the paper on the right that says "stage closed." 


Hope you enjoyed Day 2's Uncanny Spaces. 
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