Day One. Some Circles


Lets begin with some circles. 
Some might say they are the most perfect shape, of all shapes. 


Image 1:
You know what Sundays are best for? Wandering around construction sites with a camera. This is what I would do for fun in my last year of my BFA degree in Dallas Texas. (I studied theatre and photography, for those who didn't already know. :) A number of the images you will see in these next days are from construction sites, I still love the look of concrete and rebar, and rubberneck each time I pass a new site off the freeway, wondering if I should turn around to check it out. 

Image 2:
It's entirely possible that this image was taken on Sunday as well. But film cameras don't produce exif data like digital now does, so I can't tell you for sure. And, no, my contact sheets aren't that well labeled. I actually remember working on this print in the darkroom because I probably went through 25 sheets of fiber paper trying to 'burn' in the sky just right.
Anyhow, this photograph was taken in 2002, in the southwest, somewhere outside of Taos, New Mexico. I was lucky enough to take summer school classes at Fort Burgwin, which was acquired by SMU for primarily biology, archeology, and art courses.This structure was on a roadside, and I remember that it was actually not from some class trip. That day I borrowed my friend's Jeep to take off exploring alone.

Hope you enjoyed Day 1. Four more to go. 
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