Exhibition information for The Tenant

45-60 minutes is an estimated timeframe from the gallery to the site and back again. 

Note: Appointments are approximate. Due to the nature of the piece, visitors may spend varying amount of time, therefore your start time may shift. Thank you for your understanding.  

Please choose from a time and date on the below calendar. You should receive an email confirmation. Reasonable footwear and outdoor apparel is recommended.

Big Orbit Project Space is located at 30D Essex Street in Buffalo, NY

An opening reception will take place April 3rd from 8-11pm.

The exhibition runs from April 4th-April 19th. 

Saturday April 4: 12-6 pm
Sunday  April 5: 12-6 pm 

Monday April 6: by appointment
Tuesday April 7: by appointment
Wednesday April 8: by appointment
Thursday April 9: closed
Friday April 10: 12-6
Saturday April 11: 12-6 pm
Sunday  April 12: 12-6 pm 

Monday April 13: 1-6 pm
Tuesday April 14: 1-6 pm
Wednesday April 15: 1-6 pm
Thursday April 16: 12-6 pm
Friday April 17: 12-6 pm
Saturday April 18: 12-6 pm
Sunday  April 19: 12-6 pm 

Questions may be directed to: avyealex(at)buffalo.edu