The Average Attendee
1m 57s


Exhibitions & Performances

In August of 2018, The Average Attendee was Live in Person!, at Silo City, in Buffalo New York for a very special engagement. Stay tuned here for a sneak peek of this exclusive event!

Components of this series premiered in the exhibition Three Acts, Three Scenes: Your Care, My Care, Careful Care at Kunstraum Gallery, Brooklyn.
Curated by Natalie Fleming and Conor Moynihan.

Flipping Me, Flipping You

Inspired by the commoditization and celebrification of housing market education, Flipping Me, Flipping You is a series of videos and interactive objects, which reinterprets the rhetoric of Introductory Real Estate Investing workshops traveling around the United States. Advertised with figureheads from reality TV house flipping shows, these events promise to let you “…see why people, just like you, are making money and having lots of success using our investing strategies, techniques, and systems.”

The series includes:

a character, The Average Attendee
and their marketing materials
a card game
a game of Fences
a Chrome browser extension (forthcoming)

This project has been supported by Squeaky Wheel Film & Media Art Center’s Workspace Residency.

Extra Special Thanks to Joel Brenden, without whom The Average Attendee would never be dazzled, and to Caroline Doherty, Katherine Gaudy, Swannie Jim, Natalie Fleming and Conor Moynihan.