Intro to Digital Photography Projects 

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Light and Form

These first projects provide students time to practice combining the elements of composition with technical aspects of the camera. The utilized
Exercises leading up to these projects included a photogram workshop in the traditional darkroom as well as compositional assignments on finding value through light, isolating line, and shadow in addition to technical assignments about shutters speed, depth of field and ISO.

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The Poetics of Space (and Place)

This project asked students to investigate space photographically, and create a visual portraits that express the essence of a particular place. 

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People and the Social Landscape

In this section students were given options between a social documentary style project or an imaginative 'mise en scene'. 

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The final culminating project in the class introduced the possibilities of visual storytelling. Options included book-layout, diptychs or triptychs, or, multi-image layering.

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