ONCE_ 3.jpg

immersive installation, 2009


My body would try to locate the position of its limbs so as to deduce from this the direction of the wall, the placement of the furniture, so as to reconstruct and name the dwelling in which it found itself.
— Marcel Proust


Once is a mixed media, immersive installation that functions as memory might. Placing the viewer on the precipice of control over an ephemeral space, it aims to incite questions about the placement, origins, and malleability of our memories.



Developed through Northern Lights' (Art)ists on the Verge Fellowship for emerging artists working experimentally at the intersection of art, technology, and digital culture. 

Motion Detection
Custom LED Light sculptures (birch, recycled polyester, transparencies)
With custom controller built in C# by Dan Dockery

Special Thanks to Andy Hammond, Drew Hammond and Dan Dockery