House key

A locked room in a gallery.
A house nearby.
A walk in between.

The Tenant is a solitary experience.
You will be provided with instructions on arrival at the gallery.
Please allow 45-60 minutes. 

April 3-19, 2015
Big Orbit Project Space

In this work participants were asked to leave all personal items in the gallery, and travel alone to a house where to retrieve the key that would unlock the locked room in the gallery. The house itself, located in the West Side neighborhood of Buffalo, NY was about 12 minutes walk away. Participants were not given any information about the house or its location prior to entering, but were offered to spend as much time exploring the house as they wished. Upon return with the key, they would let themselves into the locked room.

This work drew upon participant’s fears of the unknown, and confrontation with a particular urban landscape through an unexpected intimacy of an interior space.

Original publicity page for this piece  here

For more information about the details, please contact Avye.

*Generous support for this exhibition provided by The Techne Institute, and with special thanks to Jean-Michel Reed and Claire Schneider.

For more information about the details and content of this project and exhibition,please contact Avye

Installation View. The locked room.

Installation view. Wall text.