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Terror Town
Minneapolis, MN, 2009
Installation Design
 Site-specific Theatre Performance


Terror Town was a site-specific theatre performance inspired by the small town of Playas NM and Thorntown Wilder's "Our Town'. It was performed April 2009 in Norris Hall at the University of Minnesota as part of the Creative Collaborations program. 

 Conceived, directed and produced by Gülgün Kayim, of Skewed Visions

Dramaturgy by George McConnell
Installations by Avye Alexandres and Caleb Hendrickson
Sound by Jenni Kotting


Kalen Keir, Maggie Williams, Kristen Martin, Julianna Drajkó, Nicholas Marcouiller, Krystle Igbo, Katrina Dikkers, Arij Mikati, Molly Corkins, Hallie Haas, James Meyers, Katie Willer