Teaching Portfolio

Selections of student work from two courses are featured below.
Following is a highlighted selection of my work. Click the images to see the selected portfolio.


Intro to Digital Photography

This course is about photography as art form and conceptual expression. Beyond technical instruction it explored image construction, content and the unique abilities of photographs in communicating information, concepts and emotions.

Foundations Course: Constructed Body

This course utilized the practices of performance, drawing, and three-dimensional modes as methods of expressing the body. Students were given an overview of body discourse through related issues such as gender, race and technology, contextualizing their projects within a larger cultural framework. 


Selected Works

Through processes of visual negation and acts of physical exploration my works amplify the ambiguous relations between self, other, and world. My practice incorporates the intuitive body, affect of place, and the pull of the unknown to investigate the psychological and psychosocial ramifications of structures. Through the use of components such as mirrors, live-video and audio I extract tensions in temporal landscapes and expose the complexity of sorting subjective experience from material artifact. 


Sculptural Work

Immersive and installation-based sculptural works provoking the intuitive body.
Typically wood constructions integrating: mirrors, two-way mirrors, plexiglass, and media such as projections, live or recorded video.

Photographic Work

Photographic works rendering the spatial experience through abstracted negations and environmental documentary.

New Media and Participatory

Experiential, locative or video works that explore how we interface with our environments.